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After a day of reckoning, Penn State found itself minus four bowl games, minus 80 scholarships, minus 111 wins, minus $60MM dollars, and plus 5 years of probation as a result of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal.

The players have been given a free pass to transfer out of the program, and with so few scholarships left, the team will likely be severely weakened for about a decade. The $60MM is roughly the amount of a year’s worth of football profits, and it will be donated to child abuse charities. One of the few wins in this whole debacle, considering all the child sexual abuse charities combined probably never raised that much over their lifetime. The penalty is not too much or too little, it’s pretty much just right.

Everything Joe Paterno has given Penn State, he has now taken away. His staute is now gone, as is his record for the most wins, as is his once proud football program; his ego ran it into the ground.

In 2001 JoePa should have turned Jerry Sandusky over to the police, apologized to the victims, and then retired. That makes total sense. Covering for a rapist and letting him use your team’s facilities, while you over stay you welcome for another ten years makes absolutely no F’ing sense.

For the Record: Joe Paterno used to make Jim Tressel look young, and Jim Tressel does not look young. There’s a reason we don’t have 80 year old presidents and CEO’s. No voter or share holder would put such an important and stressful job in the hands of someone who should have retired 20 years ago. People don’t just retire because they want to, they retire because their old ass bodies and brains stop working like they’re supposed to. People can’t fire on all cylinders at age 70. Most 80 year olds are on their death bed and can’t even get up to go to the bathroom, let alone run a major division-1 football program.

I personally don’t care if Joe Paterno needed a reason to stay alive, he was running that football program into the ground long before the scandal broke. He should have retired years ago. You can feel sorry for the students and fans that this punishment affects if you’d like, but it’s not like Joe Paterno’s Penn State was on the brink of winning it all before the NCAA stepped in to chop them down.

They were Notre Dame; still a proud program, just good enough to compete, but no real threat to anyone. The loss of Penn State won’t even affect the Big Ten. Pennsylvania had a total of zero 5-star recruits and four 4-star recruits last year. The players that would have once chosen PSU, will now add depth to the other schools in the conference.

Had Joe done the right thing in 2001 and then given up the reigns of the school, who knows where Penn State would be right now. They might be neck-and-neck with OSU and Michigan. Instead they’re left in ruble because of a selfish old man, who wouldn’t let go. Who destroyed everything he built. Everything he claimed to love.

I just wish he was here to see it.

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