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After a big scare in the ring that saw a bull fling Fernando Cruz though the air with his horn, it looks like Cruz will be ok, according to Fox Sports Latino.

“His condition is stable. He had a very troubled night despite the sedatives, all due to the magnitude of the mishap. And it’s still too soon to guess what’s going to happen in the coming hours,” Dr. Maximo Garcia Padros said.

He described Cruz’s goring on Wednesday as “the worst we have had this year at the Madrid bull ring.”

Fox Sports Latino did not confirm that Fernando still has his wiener and/or balls intact, but it looks like that area suffered the worst of it.

For the Record: I guess that’s what they mean by, “if you mess with a bull you get the horns.” This is why people should stick to playing with animals without deadly weapons attached to their heads and the strength of a pickup truck.

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