Home D-BAGS Bills fans get beat up, while their team get Sanchized

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of sitting in the nosebleed section, you know that even trying to get a tray of food and some beers down those steep stairs is dangerous. So, fighting in the upper deck pretty much equals fighting on a balance beam. It didn’t appear to be a problem for Jets’ fans on Sunday, however, as they did their bestĀ imitationĀ of Joe McKnight. The Bills fans’ on the other hand pretty much got pushed and kicked down the stairs. Luckily no one died.

For the Record: when I was watching this game, I was thinking there really can’t be anything worse than watching Mark Sanchez torch your team, but these guys had to watch Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow torch their team, then they got beat up in stands, and a video of it went viral.

Not exactly Sunday funday.

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