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There are wild and crazy people, and then there are psycotics. Jason Mayhem Miller of the UFC has for a long time been considered the latter. Today, he made that official when he was arrested at Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo, CA where he was allegedly running around naked, spraying a fire extinguisher, and generally making a mess.

Police found Miller still in the church at some point today and took him into custody on burglary charges. Larry Brown Sports posted this Twittersation between Miller and UFC President Dana White that went down over the weekend, and may have led to the apparent breakdown.

Police are holding Miller for a psychiatric evaluation. (Too little too late?)

For The Record: I live in Southern California, and although I don’t know this kid personally, he was at a party I went to in LA recently, where for no apparent reason he picked up one of my friend’s girlfriends and threw her into the pool. No one really liked this girl, so it didn’t escalate, but who does that? (I’m mostly jealous, because there have been so many girls I’ve wanted to pick up and DDT into a shallow pool.)

Good luck there Mayhem.


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