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It’s easy to watch the Game 3 pounding the Oklahoma City Thunder just put on the San Antonio Spurs and lose your mind as a Boston fan.

“See, all we need to do is go home and play Celtics basketball!”

Shut up. Don’t put us in a position to look like all those delusional Lakers fans who thought beating the Thunder once in LA meant that Mike Brown could coach a moron like Andrew Bynum, or that Kobe could carry Ron Artest’s immaturity, Pau Gasol’s softness, and the Lakers bench’s ineptitude to an upset of a superior team without Phil Jackson’s triangle offense and wizardry.

The Thunder are a legitimate NBA contender with 3 big time players and a bunch of healthy role players that are clicking on all cylinders. The fact that they got manhandled the first two games in San Antonio is a testament to Greg Popavich, Tim Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker playing the best basketball they’ve played in at least 5 years. Without the Spurs in the way, the Thunder would roll everyone in the NBA in a 7 game series, and that includes the Heat and Celtics. Boston might win one in Beantown, and they could win one by 20+ if Eric Spolestra finds the balls to sit his 3 best players for the entire second half the way Popavich sat his stars tonight.

But that probably won’t happen. LeBron will play 40+ mins, wreak havoc on the 30 and over club, and make every game a marathon. I’ve been rooting for the Celtics since before the Hornets and Raptors even existed, but I’m a realistic jerkoff fan. I’ll scream at the TV bang on the walls when we manage to pull within 3 in the 4th quarter, and scream “F*ck LeBron” every time he blows a couple free throws, but that doesn’t mean I’ll forget who the healthier, younger, faster, and stronger team is in this series.

And neither should you.

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