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The Red Sox fired pitching coach Bob McClure today, in a move that won’t change a goddamn thing. Sure the team has under performed this season, especially the rotation and the bullpen, but the players are the ones that need to be held accountable. Let’s be honest, that team doesn’t win because they are a bunch of self entitled cry babies.

If Josh Beckett wants to spend his off-season drinking, golfing, hunting deer and being fat, instead of sustaining the professional level workout regimen necessary to keep core muscles strong and avoid back injuries, like the ones that have plagued him this whole season, that’s his fault, not the coaches.  Beckett doesn’t seem to know how good he has it. I bet he wasn’t even drinking beer in the club house last year, while the team was collapsing, he was probably washing down lobster with Dom.

Boston is the Mecca for baseball.  He gets paid very handsomely, by owners that do everything in thier power to field the most competitive team in the league year in and year out, to play in front of sold out crowds every night. If he doesn’t appreciate it, F him. Eat 75% of his salary and trade his unappreciative ass to Oakland. See how much he likes playing in a run-down, empty stadium, on a team with a $50mm payroll.

And did Adrian Gonzalez really text the team owners to tell them he was unhappy with manager Bobby Valentine, and let it leak to the media? Did he forget what it was like playing for the Padres already? He’s like a poor girl that married a rich dude, started acting like a snooty b*tch and  forgot all about her friends, family, and where she’s from. He shouldn’t be worried about someone else’s job, he should  be trying to figure out why he forgot how to hit home runs, when Fenway is have the size of Padres’ Stadium.

Aww and I’m sorry Big Papi, is the media getting to you? Maybe you’d like to play for a National League team that makes you play defense when they pay you $12mm  a year.

Let’s put things into perspective, Kevin Youkilis, who was traded to the south-side of Chicago, probably cried his eyes out the entire time he was writing his a page long sob story thank you letter to Red Sox Nation.  I’m sure he’s happy to be playing, but he’s knows what he lost, and it should be a lesson to all you Red Sox players.

You should be taking advantage of an amazing opportunity to win, soaking up every second of what should be the greatest years of your life. Not kicking your feet up, getting comfortable and complaining about everything, while you miss the playoffs, on a year where there was an added wild-card spot.

You bunch of ungrateful losers.

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