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Apparently the Miami Herald’s Linda Robertson understands the homeless.  You see, Linda went to a Thanksgiving charity event held by the Miami Heat and asked a few of the struggling people what they thought of the team owners and players of the NBA fighting over the rights to billions of dollars.

“It’s just plain silly when you stop to think about it,”said Tammy, unemployed mother of twelve (3 of which have sickle cell anemia).

Even though Linda has a job and, what I can only guess is, less than 12 kids (none of which have sickle cell anemia) she understands what Tammy is going through, enough to put a bunch of words in Tammy’s mouth.  Words to make her own story sound like an actual story.  Words like:

To her, the NBA lockout that has put the season in jeopardy might as well be taking place on Mars.

You see Linda knows what 99.9% of the country thinks of the NBA lockout, without ever asking them, because Tammy called it “silly.”

To her and 99.9 percent of Americans, the NBA stalemate over how to share $4 billion is not a grim Armageddon pitting labor against corporate power.

We don’t think it’s Armageddon, we think it’s silly of course. Linda’s so clever hehe.

Linda is totally right.  This small percentage of gifted people should not be able to earn more than us just because they are able to provide a service that the whole world wants to see. We should be more angry about it.  We should stop supporting the NBA and it’s greed.

We should stop buying Apple products too.  I mean, who do they think they are?  How could they think of turning a profit, on the products we love to buy, when there are people out there starving?

In fact, if you are in a dispute with your partner over the money your company makes – money that you helped earn – you should just settle it and take the lesser portion.  There are people out their with no jobs and they are hungry and some of their kids have sickle cell.

For the Record It’s ridiculous for a journalist to attend a charity event, hosted by an NBA team, that feeds 600+ people, if they are going to make their story about anything other than how great the event is for the city’s poor and homeless.  Tammy and her kids, and hundreds of others, got to eat tonight because of the Miami Heat.  Trying to make the team’s owners out to be greedy monsters, fighting over billions, wasn’t the right angle.  Businesses don’t just need to make money, they need to ensure that they are capable of earning to their fullest for years to come. These negotiations  may seem “silly” to some, but they are a necessary part of business.  So when these businesses give some of what they made back to the community, give them a pat on the back, maybe they’ll do it more often.

Here is the entire story, if you would like to read it and see a female sports journalist set her industry and her sex back 10 years with her inability to tell a story.  http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/11/21/2513601/for-poor-and-hungry-nba-labor.html

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