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Patriots QB and head coach commented today on the Jets acquisition of mythological NFL QB, Tim Tebow in a trade that sent Tebow from Denver to New Jersey in exchange for a 4th and 6th round pick, cash, and the freedom of not having to bow down to the multitude of irrational Broncos fans who begged to see Tebow play last season.

Brady sees busted coverage over the middle and launches a dart, that's not exactly a bulls-eye, over the back shoulder of his receiver Wes Welker. Using his athletic ability Welker jumps, contorts his body and puts himself in a position to make an unbelievable catch. If he comes down with it he's a legend, the Patriots are on the dance floor, where they can bleed most of the clock and at least add three points to their 17-15 lead. He drops it.

Earlier today, Giants.com announced the G-Men as Super Bowl Champions despite the game still being a day away. Here’s a screenshot of the mistake which has obviously been pulled down since.

There's somethings that can only be resolved by talking it out and other things that can only be settled on the field. The war between Tom Brady and Tim Tebow, it could only be settled one way... A rap battle

With the loss of Offensive Coordinator Bill O'Brien to the Penn State gig inevitable, the New England Patriots will look to familiar face, Josh McDaniels to fill the coaching void. He is apparently serving as an "offensive assistant," which likely means he'll specialize in providing "I used to be head coach of your opponent this weekend" advice.

It's rare for coaches and players of an opposing team to release a statement when an opponent retires, but in the case of 15 year veteran Jason Taylor, the Patriots' Tom Brady and Bill Belichick made a humorous exception to that rule.

When the Dallas Cowboys squandered away another lead today, to the NE Patriots, it became apparent that the Cowboys too are artists. They are in a world where they are being told to win, when they just want to lose.

Rob Ryan and his brother Rex are usually barking into the mic and taking the wind out of the opposing team's sail, but today, the Dallas Cowboys head coach did just the opposite to the New England Patriots. The Cowboys' head coach spent 20 minutes gushing about the Patriots on Friday, 2 days before Dallas takes the field in New England even making a proclamation of Tom Brady's place in the NFL history books.

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