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The Giants went on to prove who owns New York by pummeling the Jets 29 - 14. According to the Star Ledger's Marc Garafolo, Giants running back Brandon Jacobs told the Jets coach that it's time to shut up. He also said he's fat. Jacobs reiterated this to reporters on the sideline that called Rex is a disrespectful bastard.

In a game with playoff implications all over it, the Jets are pulling out all the stops against their fellow New York rival Giants, they have even gone as far as to use their home-field-advantage to cover up the Giants' Super Bowl logos, outside the locker room, in the stadium the teams share.

Adam Sandler told ESPN's Rich Eisen on his Thursday podcast that New York Jets head coach, Rex Ryan, will be playing an "inexpensive" lawyer and avid Patriots fan in his next movie. Sandler, a huge Jets fan said that Ryan was "loose and funny" on set, and considering the role was written specifically for him, he played it perfect.

In an interview with Men's Journal, Plaxico Burress managed to rip nearly everyone in the Giants organization, from GM Jerry Reese to Tom Coughlin to Eli Manning. To say he sounds petty and stupid would be an understatement of epic proportions.

News reports are clamoring about what was thought to be a magnitude 5.8 earthquake in Virginia that rattled everything from North Carolina to upstate NY.

Mark Sanchez, the NY Jets QB and heart throb to at least one under age high school girl, was in GQ magazine again, but this time they didn't dress him up like he was on Baywatch. This time they got down to the nitty gritty, and got Sanchez to admit to wanting to throw down with head coach Rex Ryan, after Rex told the media he considered pulling Sanchez out of their ugly 10-6 loss to Miami.

Heaven to Rex Ryan would be a reclining chair made out of feet and a back field of Derrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha. There’s no telling what a defensive genius like Rex could come up with given that kind of talent at that positions. He could play man defense on every play and the opposing QB’s would still spend entire games on their backs.

When asked about Rex Ryan’s constant Super Bowl predictions, Scott was quoted as saying “I think it’s about time we get it done and see this thing through because, after a while, people are going to start looking at it as a joke.” After a while?

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