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After 30 job application rejection letters, and a seemingly heartless invitation to purchase a $500 job fair ticket, Taylor Grey Meyer decided to write...

We've all seen them. You know, those horrifying before-and-after pictures of meth addicts who've been decayed by years of hard drug abuse.

Brett Lawrie and J.P. Arencibia, third baseman and catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, decided to dress up for Easter Sunday by wearing the blue and orange tuxedos made famous by the 1994 movie Dumb and Dumber.

Yankees pitcher, and general fat a** Joba Chamberlain reportedly dislocated his ankle while playing on a trampoline with his kid yesterday, which is just PR speak for Joba Chamberlain's ankle refuses to carry around his blubbery body any longer.

Miguel Cabrera moved over to 3B when Prince Fielder signed with the Tigers, and the transition back across the diamond has gotten off to a rocky start. A bruised and bloodied rocky start.

106.7 The Fan, the flagship station of the Washington Nationals, is running a campaign titled Forget You, Philly, or, #FUPhilly.

Tim Kurkjian just got eviscerated on national television. J.P. Arrencibia's less than flattering but spot on impersonation of the squeaky scribe had all of America laughing and Kurkjian himself turning red with embarrassment.

Jon Niese got a nose job in the offseason because Carlos Beltran made a crack about his misshapen beak before being traded last year.

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