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Earlier we printed a story about Kobe Bryant getting caught up in a topless photo with two random girls in Barcelona. The photo, originally...

In the regular season, this is probably a foul, in the first quarter of the playoffs this would probably be called a foul, in...

Let's face it, the Boston Celtics were not expected to make it this far. Ray Allen's ankles are about as healthy as Lindsay Lohan's...

Something that gets lost in all the LeBron hate is that the guy’s fun to watch.  When we all started hating him, his crazy...

KG is everything Miami lacks. He's tough, he's a leader, he's big and strong, he takes no prisoners.

If we had ever doubted the value of Chris Bosh, we can all see the difference he made now that he isn't on the floor with the Heat.

LeBron James suffered a finger injury on his left, non-shooting, hand during Miami's 105-90 loss at Indiana on Monday. ESPN Sources indicated the finger might be dislocated, though he did finish the final 41 minutes of the game, and went on to score 24 with 9 rebounds. It should not affect his play.

Equations need to be balanced out, with Jesus came the Omen, the Anti-Christ, X's have Y's, penises have vaginas, Batman has the Joker. For every person or thing put on this planet there is another person or thing put on this planet that is it's equal and opposite. So after Dwight Howard decided not to opt out of his contract, with the Orlando Magic next season, did he become the Anti-LeBron?

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