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The Chicago Bears will not be seeking the services of Brett Favre, after it was reported yesterday that he would entertain an offer to come on and replace Caleb Hanie as the Bears starting quarterback.

Skip Bayless has taken to Twitter to suggest that the Houston Texans, who will be without starting QB Matt Schaub for the remainder of the season, should sign Brett Favre.

In an interview with NFL network, former Minnesota Vikings coach, Brad Childress, explained his regrets from his final season with the team. He explained that, despite the injury riddled unproductive season Brett had, he didn't regret bringing Favre back in 2010, because he had played the best year of his career in 2009. He did, however, regret trading for Randy Moss. Childress had believed his locker room was strong enough to handle a personality like Moss but admitted he was wrong.

After a radical change in the federal reserve policy was made to help the U.S. live within its means, all three stock market indexes have dropped by significant amounts thanks to all the scared investors selling at will. While the indexes are beginning to level out, the effects have rippled though out the US economy, and around the world. However, there are still several athletes that were not affected.

Our long national nightmare is over.

Religious kooks are preaching and predicting the worlds end. The sinners will stay to suffer through world ending earthquakes and hell fire and stuff while the good will be saved, they say. Well if that's the case the writers and readers of FTR are probably all screwed but here are 5 reasons the world ending today would be ok.

Sometimes it's better to get a perspective from outside of the looking glass. In this case, way outside. Thanks Taiwan. You haven't been this useful to me since Little League World Series on Nintendo.

It's Christmas time, and unless you're a terrorist (or you already celebrated Hanukkah) you're probably out buying presents for the people you love. Well don't forget those superstar athletes you live and die for.

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