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Long before the d-bags in Miami were rocking black uniforms and acting like jerks, Charles Barkley and the Phoenix Suns rocked the cleanest black jerseys in pro sports. (Shut up Raiders fans… you know I don’t speak hoodrat)

Uni-watch.com broke the news that the Suns are bringing back the classic 90’s black uniforms that Barkley, Kevin Johnson, Dan Majerle, Oliver Miller, and  a young Jason Kidd rocked during the Jordan era. Soon after the Fab Five made black high-tops and socks famous, the Suns donned the black unis that even turned east coast fans who couldn’t find Phoenix on a map into fans of the Western Conference power.

Suns President Brad Casper (whitest name ever?) confirmed the sneak peek report by saying that the Suns are looking at “Hardwood Classics”, and plan to have a uniform redesign in place for the ’13-’14 season. Glad someone finally realized the soft modern design makes the Suns look like a WNBA team.

For The Record: These were the nastiest jerseys from the 90s and don’t even try to tell me the Nuggets jerseys were better. Those things looked like leftovers from the Special Olympics practice bin. No one cares about your ugly skyline Denver. You’re not a real city, you’re just a bunch of hicks who couldn’t make it near the beach, and are hiding from reality. Enjoy your high altitude, and granola-eating sustainable-living hybrid-driving velcro strap-sandal-wearing uni-sex dating scene. Oh your wife is also into hiking, biking, and triathlons? That’s because she’s a lesbian and she’s attracted to your low levels of testosterone.

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