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Trailing by 5 in the final seconds of Monday night’s game against the Packers, Russell Wilson of the Seahawks heaved up a Hail Mary. When completed, it’s considered one of the most exciting moments in sports, but this wasn’t one of those moments. The Seahawks definitely won on the Hail Mary, whether or not it was actually a completion was questionable to say the least.

The replacement ref’s didn’t confer before making a decision and called it a joint procession, which goes in favor of the offense. Ball procession can’t be overturned by replay, so they were forced to let the call on the field stand. It was a tough call, but it was a blown call.  And because we have replacement ref’s, the controversy probably broke twitter. Now we gotta hear it be discussed all week.

When it comes down to it, NFL football is now boxing. If you don’t put your opponent away, and let it go to a decision, the result will probably be wrong or controversial or  a by-product of corruption.

That’s the sport now. The Green Bay Packers needed to mop the floor with the Seahawks, but since their O-line couldn’t protect Aaron Rodgers they lost. Get over it.

For the Record: we can harp on the NFL for hurting the product on the field and we’d all be right, but big businesses do this all the time.

In the real world these employees don’t get called replacements, they’re called interns or apprentices, and they get paid in opportunity not dollars. Companies use people with no experience because they cost nothing. After a year of paying them squat, they pick out a couple of quick learners, pay them a little more and it’s still a fraction of what someone with an impressive resume would demand.

If the replacement ref’s can make it through a year of playing sink or swim, they’ll be good enough and cheap, just like interns.

Sure the NFL is not putting the best possible product on the field, but you think Apple couldn’t produce a better product if they weren’t abusing Chinese people; paying them 17$ a day to work endless shifts? Apple’s not going to change anything they’re doing because they don’t have to. People will line up to buy the crap out of their products anyway. Just like we’re all going to fill up sports bars and living rooms to watch the NFL on Sundays; after we’ve finished complaining about the replacement ref’s all week.

The bottom line is the NFL has to think of it’s bottom line. It’s a billion dollar juggernaut now.  They lead all sports in revenue now. But now, they’re facing a potentially catastrophic amount of lawsuits from former players with brain injuries. The NFL could  become uninsurable because there is no way to make this sport safe.

Sure, now they are racking money in by the truckloads, but given the looming lawsuits and the fuzziness around the sport’s long-term viability, it may not be smart to guarantee a bunch of referees $50mm dollars if there’s another option, which there is.

It’s not personal, it’s business.

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