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Nothing says fair play and sportsmanship like paying little kids bounties for hard hits, and taking opposing players out of the game.

That’s the media storm that has settled on a Tustin, California Pee Wee league team of 10 and 11 year olds who made it to Pee Wee Super Bowl in Florida this season among internal allegations of using diuretics and extreme weight loss methods to make the cut for lower divisions than they should have been playing in. The head coach of the Tustin Red Cobras, Darren Crawford, has been suspend along with the president of the local league, Pat Galentine for the conspiracy, and now a formal investigation has been launched by the national league to see if further charges will be brought for the alleged bounties paid to kids on the team.

“They cheated in order to get to Florida,” said a Red Cobras parent who did not want her name used to protect the identity of her son. “This is a powder keg of crap.” -OC Register

Opposing teams and former players who left the team to form their own team have joined in the public outcry that recently exposed Crawford, and has led local officials into a conversation about possible criminal charges being filed if in fact children were put in danger. Somehow the OC Register found a way to turn this story into a novel, so if you need more info that this, feel free to go read their long-winded version here.

For The Record: The bounty program is definitely on the coach and the president of the league if he knew about it, but the extreme weight loss program doesn’t sound like such a big deal to me. I mean all I ever read about these days is how something like 50% of kids are considered obese, and that it’s putting them in danger of things like diabetes, and heart disease. I mean maybe they were just trying to get in shape, and stay thin. If you keep telling them they’re fat of course they’re gonna have body image disorders. If anything we need to roll this program over into women’s studies classes at local community colleges ASAP. With skanks like Lady Ga Ga and Christina Aguilera telling little girls it’s ok to be happy with who you are naturally, girls are getting way too comfortable with being fat little pigs. We need to be shoving issues of Vogue and FHM in their faces, not building up their self-esteem.

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