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Sometimes athletes lose their temper on the playing field and do things they later regret. Ron Artest once beat up a fan in the stands in Detroit. Ron Artest also once elbowed James Harden in the side of his head. And even Ron Artest lost his cool once when he grabbed Mavs PG JJ Berea by the face to stop him from running circles around him.

Geez…. come to think of it, Ron Artest is kind of a dick.

Anyway, yesterday in the quarterfinal match up between France and Spain, Nicolas Batum of France did something even Ron Artest has never done, when he ran up to Spain’s Juan Carlos Navarrro and punched him in the junk. Here’s the GIF since the IOC is ruining YouTube videos of the incident.

Batum later apologized on Twitter, but not before he told Yahoo Sports that he wanted to give Navarro “something to flop about” after accusing the Spaniards of tanking their game against Brazil to set up a match with France. (Maybe if your team wasn’t so weak, people wouldn’t be trying to face you Nic)

For The Record: Batum plays for the Portland Trailblazers, which I think is enough reason in itself to want to punch other people in the junk. If I had to play for that loser franchise I’d probably be punching people in the junk right now. I’d probably start by punching that director who cheated on his ugly wife with Kristin Stewart from Twilight. He clearly hates his penis if he’s trying to jam it in that ugly no-talent skank.

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