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Word on the street is that the NFL and Referees Association have come to terms on an agreement that would bring the real refs back just in time for Thursday night’s game between the Browns and Ravens. The agreement is being looked over and is expected to be signed by Thursday morning, ending the worst 3 weeks of NFL football I have seen in my entire life.

For fans, gamblers, and most teams this is great news, because we can get back to some sort of normalcy on Sundays. For other teams this could completely destroy the momentum built on shaky calls, missed penalties, and mystery replays. When asked about the possibility of the refs returning to work, Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll nearly lost it.

“What?!! What happened?!!! But the last guys were doing an amazing job. I mean that’s a tough job, it’s not as if looking at slow-motion video replays from 12 different angles makes calling a football game any easier.” Carroll said to reporters outside of his home.  “I mean, who wouldn’t have trouble making the right call when players on the home team are screaming for flags in non-penalty situations? I think the league is really making a mistake here. Those guys should be at least allowed to ref the rest of our games. I’d even be willing to pay them out of my own pocket….. Look I have $504 on me right now. Do you have their phone numbers?” he continued for another 10 minutes asking to borrow cell phones from cameramen and members of the media.

After the debacle that was the past three weeks, the NFL has agreed to a new developmental program (duh) instead of adding 21 new officials to the current pool of 121 NFLRA members. This seems the most obvious decision, considering there doesn’t seem to be 21 additional people in the world capable or willing to be an NFL official. For fuck’s sake my mother could have ref’d better than the assclowns we had running the Seahawks/Packers game this weekend. Those people shouldn’t be allowed to vote or drive cars let alone dictate the outcome of a game that millions of people are wagering money on.

 For The Record: Thank God this happened. How the f*** am I supposed to subsidize my income with bets in Vegas if teams like the Cardinals are winning games they don’t belong in, and the Vikings are ruining the base of my parlay when they play like a real team just long enough to beat the Super Bowl favorites?

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