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A new investigation into former USC football and basketball players Joe McKnight and Devon Jefferson has surfaced that apparently uncovered information that an employee of the LA County assesor’s office gave additional gifts to the players back in 2009 that were not mentioned when the NCAA found out McKnight was driving around in a borrowed Land Rover. The NCAA never pursued a violation against USC for some odd reason, but now it looks as though USC may be headed for some new punishments if the allegations are indeed true.

The allegations were apparently found in Scott Schenter’s, the LA County employee, work emails that describe giving Devon about $3,700 in cash, and McKnight airline tickets. Why was someone going through Schenter’s emails you say? Well, like I said, he works for LA, which means he’s a crook, and sure enough he’s under investigation for giving tax breaks to wealthy LA residents.

Wtf? Why don’t I have friends like this? This guy sounds like the best friend anyone could ever have! He kicks it with ballers, and can hook you up with airline tickets, cash, and then knocks off tax debt for you? I’ve got a few friends who can sometimes hook me up with VIP access at EDM shows, but even then they don’t actually get me into the VIP that’s inside the VIP, so what good is that? I need to start hanging out with city employees and IRS agents, but I hate happy hour at Applebees. Too much sodium in the happy hour foods, and I don’t drink f***ing Coors Light so how would that special even do me any good?

Wait, what was I talking about?

For The Record: Although I harp on USC all the time for their past violations, how is any university supposed to be able to keep close enough tabs on their players to prevent things like this from happening? There’s always going to be slimy rich sports fans lingering around star college athletes to live out their own failed ambitions or what not. Mix in Los Angeles government employees, and there’s no way in hell something crooked isn’t going on.

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