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When asked what was going through his mind as he lined up for the game winning kick in the 2012 Sugar Bowl, Michigan kicker Brendan Gibbons calmly responded that he was dreaming of girls on the beach.

And this, my friends, is how you kick field goals. Kyle Brotzman? Are you paying attention? Jordan Williamson? You better be taking notes. Because this Gibbons cat, mullet, beard and all, just showed Boise State’s all time points leader and the 2012 Second Team All Pac-12 kicker how to properly not fold like a house of cards under pressure.

While it seems like literally every other college kicker this season has wet himself on the field in the biggest moments, Gibbons saunters out there thinking about Jessica Alba in a white bikini as he wins the game.

For the Record: How mortified is that woman at the :22 second mark? She shrieks like he just admitted to being a serial rapist. Calm down lady. Just because he dreams of buxom brunettes while he bangs it through the uprights doesn’t make him a demon.

PS: What was with Gibbons sitting on that guys lap in the presser? He’s literally the coolest kicker of all time, from the jersey number to his paunch, and he can’t even get his own seat. Preposterous.

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