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Amid recent reports that Kobe Bryant and his wife Vannesa are working to reconcile their pending divorce, Kobe was photographed shirtless at an after party in Barcelona last week, accompanied by two scantily clad young girls.

Kobe is a great example of why you don’t forgive your significant other once they’ve cheated on you. I’m sure it was just a mistake. Maybe they told you she/he meant nothing and it will never happen again, but it probably will happen again, and the proof will probably be published online or in social media channels for the public to see.

As you can see with Kobe, even after his wife held his hand in a press conference, when he was accused of raping a girl that he said he merely banged, he still doesn’t care enough to stop a girl from snapping pics of him in a pretty damning situation. He couldn’t even have one of his bodyguards confiscate the girl’s camera phone so TMZ doesn’t embarrass the crap out of his wife. I mean, cheaters usually at least attempt to cover it up. Kobe don’t care…


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