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Seattle Seahawks newly acquired tight end, Kellen Winslow, made headlines this week after being traded from Tampa Bay. He’s back again, after allegedly trashing a $9,000 a month, San Diego rental home, this according to the San Diego Tribune.  Winslow and his wife only rented the home for six months, but to the owners maintain that was enough to wreck the place and the furnishings.

“Every corner of the home was damaged. The Persian rugs and carpeting were stained with dog urine and also littered with dog feces,” the claim continued. “The house was overpowered with a putrid stench of animal waste.”

In total, the $133,000 dollar claim sited damages to the flooring, holes in walls, dog excrement on the rugs, and cigarette burns to the furnishings, as well as several thousand dollars in unpaid utilities and a few hundred in unpaid rent.

Team Winslow denies everything.

“They want to portray it as though Kellen Winslow had a fraternity of football friends partying,” Winslow’s attorney Brian Watkins said. “But the house was rented for his wife, who was pregnant. She was living there with her mother and a housekeeper. There was no partying going on. Kellen was rarely even there.”

For the Record: renters tend to be the scum of the earth. They’re always needy, despite constantly skimping on rent. And it’s ridiculous how badly people treat things that aren’t their own.

But you know what, landlords are dirt bags too.  According to a landlord’s appraisal, it costs $500 to hire the cleaning guy that’s been standing outside of Home Depot (willing to do just about anything for a few Tacate and a chance to spend an hour or two in a place with air-conditioning) to clean a house that’s already been cleaned.  For pin holes in the walls you’re looking at at least a hundo. They’re not taking  deposits and sticking them in a box somewhere until their tenants leave. They spend it immediately because they know 90% of renters are too lazy to take them to court, after going through the rigors of moving.

I demand evidence. Where is the photographic proof of these damages? I want to see a picture of turds just left on these expensive rugs.


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