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A lot of young homosexual boys are going through a very tough time in their lives, as they deal with their sexuality and the pressure to be what the general public considers normal, but the more it becomes accepted, the easier it will be for them. So, of course, it’s always nice when an important and high-profile member society publicly comes out of the closet.  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did just that, albeit a little more graphically than we all would have liked, when he announced his desire to return to his glory hole days.

“I’ve been here 23 years. I’ve been here when it was glory hole days and I’ve been here when it wasn’t.” Jones said. “And, so, having said that, I want me some glory hole. So I have that perspective.”

For the Record: Jerry Jones is a little old and it’s entirely possible that he doesn’t know that “glory hole” is slang for a hole in the bathroom stall that gay guys use to anonymously oral each other. In fact, given his past experience in the oil and gas industry, it may or not be possible that he was talking some sort of old-timer, Texas oil slang. Hmm, I’d say either is possible, this one could go either way.

Via: Star Telegram Sports

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