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For the second day in a row, the New Jersey Jets training camp had to be stopped multiple times to break up scuffles between players. Yesterday, it was that underachiever Joe McKnight throwing balls at people after plays. Today, TE Dustin Keller and CB Antonio Cromartie went at it causing Rex Ryan to stop practice altogether and send guys on gassers as punishment.

So where does Tim Tebow fit into all of this?

Tebow would probably never start a fight knowingly, but for a team that has already looked leaderless over the past few seasons, and is playing with a QB who thinks he’s Brett Favre, but has the arm of an Olsen twin, the Jets look lost. When Tebow came to town, it added doubt to the already dismal situation of having a star-studded team that continually under-performs. Tebow’s not going to walk in and be a leader right away with the Jets like he did in Denver. Denver was a roster full of nobodies. In New York, the bulk of these players have been contenders for years, won Super Bowls with other teams, and regularly see action in Pro Bowls. All the prayer eye black in the world won’t win you the respect of a team comprised of guys like Antonio Cromartie.

The only way this team survives this season is to make Tim Tebow the starter, trade Sanchez for a couple 3rd round draft picks and a bag of Doritos, and run Florida’s offense where Tebow made a career out of goofy plays. Let’s be honest, Rex Ryan knows about as much about offense as I know about foot fetish home video websites (which is nothing… feet are gross). If Tebow spends all of training camp running up against a Rex Ryan defense he’s bound to figure some things out. He can’t be worse than Mark Sanchez, or they never would have brought him in.

Tebow, if you’re still just playing football to subsidize your eventual career move to motivational speaking and children’s book deals, stop ruining the NFL. It’s selfish of you.

For The Record: Look at that picture above again. What is he doing, skipping rocks? That’s not how you throw a football in the NFL.

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