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As you may or may not know, San Francisco outfielder Melky Cabrera and Oakland A’s starting pitcher Bartolo Colon were both suspended for 50 games, in the same month, for testing positive for PED’s. Melky Cabrera was having the best year of his career, leading the league in hits and, for a 39 year old, Colon has certainly been a serviceable pitcher for the A’s.

Since then, they’ve been crushed under an avalanche of scrutiny and venom, from every direction, spurning talks that a 50 game suspension is not enough, like they just got caught for shooting up a movie theater.

Here’s the thing, if Melky doesn’t get caught, at the end of this season he gets a long-term contract for $50MM dollars. If Bartolo Colon doesn’t take PED’s, he probably doesn’t make it through the season, and wouldn’t even  have had a chance at a contract next season. They had their reasons and the animosity these two are getting is out of control. Yeah, cheating in sports sucks, but baseball isn’t just a sport to these guys, it’s a business. It’s their livelihood. They’re human beings and they did what just about any of us would do in the pursuit of more money.

Are those of you criticizing these two, and calling for stiffer punishments, saying you wouldn’t do something legal and mildly unethical for $50MM dollars? Because you absolutely would.

What about if you’d never get another paycheck in your field again like Bartolo, would you really let your morals get in the way of saving your job? Nope, you absolutely would not.

For the Record: I would shove a needle down my dick-hole if it meant I might see $50 mil at the end of the year. And no way I allow myself to be forced into retirement if there’s another option.

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