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I am aware that it’s hard to find a hot girl who can read a teleprompter and intelligently talk about sports, but replacing Erin Andrews with Samantha Steele is like replacing Nick Saban with Rich Rodriguez. Do I like blondes with blue eyes and dimples? Yes. Do I think Samantha could use  a boob job?  No, not normally, but if she’s going to be replacing Erin Andrews, then yes, and she should probably lose five to ten pounds.

For the Record: When I Google Samantha Steel I get pictures of Erin Andrews.


a little word of advice, now that you’re getting a bigger paycheck, you need to go buy some sexy clothes and quit wearing grandma dresses and Nike jackets. And if you really want to have any chance of filling Erin’s shoes, you should release a sex tape asap. Don’t use a scumbag guy in the video and have someone film it from across the street, so the leak looks legit and you look like a victim.

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