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Oklahoma State ran for 5 touchdowns today against lowly Savannah State…. in the first quarter. The Cowboys then went on to score 7 more TDs by the end of the game, finishing an 84-0 route that easily could have been 250-0 had head coach Mike Gundy not pulled out his starters in the first quarter. By the end of the game the Cowboys were playing guys who normally don’t even bother putting on their pads, old women, children, and terminally ill Yorkshire Terriers without legs.

And still scored at will.

Oil tycoon and OK State donor T Boone Pickens took to the media after the game, shaming the powers that be for scheduling a game between a perennial BCS contender and a team that is 4-72 in games against opponents in the division BELOW the Cowboys.

“I just think we can do better,” he said. “Notre Dame’s already booked but I’d just as soon play Notre Dame. Everybody wants to play Notre Dame.” -Pickens

Savannah State took such a game because it meant a $385,000 paycheck for the school, which is like a $10 million endowment for any BCS school. Even Savannah St head coach Steve Davenport sounded as though he had some remorse for what had just transpired on the field.

“We’re going to have to readdress that. You get paid for certain things, but I don’t know if at the end of the day, some things are worth the payments you get. But we’ll see. Those are conversations we’ll have.

“But we’ve got to get better and be more competitive to do these kind of things and play these games. But it’s a process for us and we’re really in the early stages of rebuilding this program.” – Coach Davenport

For The Record: This being OK State’s largest margin of victory since 1916, I think it should spur the conversation around major BCS programs playing these horrible cake walk games that bore fans, and humiliate smaller programs. Then, hopefully that conversation leads into a conversation about larger but similar issues, like why teams like the Patriots still have to schedule games against the Jets and they’re two-headed QB monster offense where neither QB should even have a job under center in the NFL in the first place, let alone both of them being on the same team. Problems like these plague sports. We shouldn’t be subject to watching inferior teams on national television.

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