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A highlight reel can mean one of two things for guys.  One is a mash-up of crazy sports plays such as dunks, web gems, touchdowns and what have you.  The other is a visual aid, a sexual memory from the past or a fabrications of sexual encounters with hot or famous chicks that are stored in the male brain for later use while being intimate with an ugly girl, a girlfriend or oneself, when internet porn is not readily available.  FTR’s highlight reel is a combo of both recent sports highlights and chicks that are “hot right now.”

Brandon Jennings -Guard-Milwaukee Bucks at Melo Center last night

I couldn’t find any pictures of Mila Kunis anywhere close to naked, and it didn’t even matter.  She’s sexy, cute and classy all in one.  She makes me want to rinse off my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher.  After making this video I wanted to get in the habit of picking up my underwear off the bathroom floor and start being a better human being.

If he could afford to get a vasectomy he'd get one tomorrow. So feel free to send him PayPal donations at dave@FTRsports.com, so that he can prevent little miniature versions of him from coming into the world.

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