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I don’t watch a whole lot of CSI, mostly because I occasionally watch First 48 on AE, and I know that most crimes are solved by snitches calling in tips to the police. But this story about a Toledo boxer getting busted for armed robbery after an FBI agent swabbed his blood from the canvas after a fight has all the makings of a new CSI episode.

Martin Tucker, 31, of Toledo, has been arrested on charges of holding up Monroe County Community Credit Union in Temperance, Ohio back in 2009 after the FBI grabbed DNA evidence from the ring after his last fight back in April. Tucker, 1-6 in his boxing career, also works as a part-time roofer, and is believed to have made off with $5,400 in the robbery.

The DNA was then matched up against DNA evidence found in a mask believed to be used in the robbery, making you wonder “how the hell do you let something like a mask get into the hands of authorities after using it to rob a bank?”. Wouldn’t you burn the mask and your clothes or something?

For The Record: On a good note, Martin won the fight back in April that looks to be his last not involving protecting his rear manginity. At least he has that going for him.

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