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A new era of basketball is underway in New Orleans as the Hornets introduced the pu-pu platter of good to mediocre basketball players they received in exchange for their franchise player Chris Paul.

Your 2011-2012 New Orleans Hornets! Safe to say this picture won’t be making the media guide. Have you ever seen a more dejected group of NBA players (other than the 2010-2011 Cleveland Cavaliers)? First of all, Aminu is asleep. He’s literally not awake. Eric Gordon is the only one who resembles a relatively content human being, and even he’s frowning.

As for Chris Kaman? Just wow. I’m pretty sure I could tell Chris that his entire family had just perished when a school bus full of orphans caught on fire and ran them over as they crossed the street and he still wouldn’t look that upset. That is a broken and beaten man.

For the Record: So the story is that David Stern- the Hornets owner, not the commissioner (easy to confuse, I know)- canceled the deal with the Lakers and accepted this one because it made the Hornets more attractive to the future potential owners of the New Orleans franchise. Well, if this picture doesn’t sum up exactly how attractive this franchise is, than I don’t know what does. The whole situation is a dumpster fire of epic proportions and I’m unsure why this team hasn’t been contracted yet.

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