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The Dwight Saga has officially ended, unless David Stern decides otherwise.

Here’s the short n skinny on the deal that puts the Showtime back into LA. The Lakers get Howard, and give up Andrew Bynum who lands with the 76ers. The 76ers give up Andre Iguodala who goes to Denver, and the Magic get  Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic and one protected future first-round pick from each of the other three teams.

No Pau Gasol involved in the trade.

This puts LA on a crash course with defending Western Conference Chamipons OKC, and in absolute contention for a record tying 17th NBA Championship (Boston Celtics), and could cause LeBron James to lose the rest of his hair overnight. Howard, who has repeatedly said he would only sign with the Brooklyn Nets or Mavericks (Mavs are the only one left on that table) will play out his contract this season before making a decision on the future. The 76ers are in the same boat with Andrew Bynum who refuses to make a commitment to extend his current contract. Althought, that may be a good thing for the 76ers in the event that Bynum’s knees blow out again this season.

Even as a Celtics fan, I’m excited to see this happening. The Lakers are worth rooting against again, the Thunder have another rough road to the Finals, and Dwight Howard is out of the East. Yet I cringe to think what a lineup of Nash, Kobe, Howard, and Gasoft could do to any team in the Finals should they make it there.

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