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DeShawn Stevenson, a key member of the 2011 NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks, is miffed that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are getting more commercial endorsements than ever despite the fact that their Miami Heat lost in the NBA Finals.

“I haven’t seen a Dirk commercial, I haven’t seen a Jason Kidd commercial, Jason Terry commercial,” Stevenson said. “But I’ve seen a LeBron McDonald’s commercial. Dwyane Wade is on a T-Mobile commercial. I just feel like we don’t get the respect as a team that worked hard to win a championship.”

You tell ‘em, DeShawn! I mean, why do people bother even winning championships anyways? It’s not for your city, or your fans, or your teammates. Heck, it’s not even for the name on the back of your jersey. It’s for gettin’ paiid. What’s the point of raising the Larry O’Brien Trophy if you can’t get paid to eat a Big Mac on camera?

Maybe LeBron had it right all along. Being a “global icon” isn’t about being a champion or being the greatest player ever to lace ‘em up. Well, for some people it is, but there’s a much easier way to achieve that status. Just be the most polarizing, arrogant, talented player in the league and you won’t have to win to get paid. Maybe LeBron has had it right all along…

For the Record: DeShawn’s got a point, who wouldn’t want this guy endorsing their product? Dude’s got “likeability” written all over him. Seriously, if you look closely he’s got it tattooed right under Abraham Lincoln.

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