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Blackout the Whiteout

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End date: Aug 12, 2012

Signatures collected: 61

Signature goal: 5000

61 signatures

A lot of people are talking, in the media and outside of it. They are vehemently calling for the NCAA to shut down Penn State’s football program in the wake of the child abuse scandal. At FTR we don’t just talk, we take action. We’re giving the NCAA 30 days before we send them what he hope to be a massive list of signatures for this petition. During that 30 days the NCAA president’s office will immediately receive an email every time a signature is added. Penn State is not taking accountability yet, but they will.

Not only did Joe Paterno and the heads of Penn State keep a man that they knew molested children out of a prison cell, they gave him full access to the campus, which he used to attract victims. Had they done anything, several boys would never have had to experience life altering sexual abuse. Instead, those boys will never be the same because PSU thought their football program was more important, and didn’t want the negative press. This is a football issue and if Penn State won’t hold themselves accountable, the NCAA needs to shut their football program down for them.

Players can transfer, personnel will find new jobs, but a message needs to be sent that no institution is, or will ever be, above the law and the basic human rights of others.

Stand by us in our fight to get the NCAA to give PSU the death penalty and sign our petition.

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