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Unemployed NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson is a social media whore. With over 3.7 million followers on the Twitter, and over 2 million subscribers on Facebook plenty of people are listening to what Chad has to say. Fortunately for us, not everyone subscribing/following Chad is a fan.There are a ton of “haters”, as the kids say these days, who are willing to troll Chad’s feed to show their distaste for the receiver.

Chad posted this photo a little while ago of his daughter meeting Lil’ Wayne yesterday. (For those of you who don’t know who Lil’ Wayne is, he’s pretty much the reason all hip hop sounds like sh** nowadays.)

Best comments on the photo:

This last one I picked out purely for my own amusement. You know the world has gone to sh** when people are saying things like this.

Of course, after wiping back the tears of laughter on this comment thread, I had to dig through more of them…

Chad posted this picture on Weds in the aftermath that is his life right now. Obviously, the dude is hurting right now between the divorce, the free agency during preseason, and whatever else is going wrong for him lately, so it was nice to see his Facebook friends rally around him.

Best comments on the photo:

I really like the enthusiasm on this next chick.

By the way, now that our Moms have figured out Facebook, will all you white kids please explain Photoshop to your mothers? At least 5% of the comments were from middle-aged white women named Carolyn or Susan wondering where the hell this sign was.

For The Record: Be forewarned, I will most likely be spending the better part of this week trolling LeBron James’ Facebook page for good hairline jokes for the coming season, and I plan on sharing them with you.

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