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After Penn State coach Joe Paterno passed away in January, Artist Michael Pilato painted a halo over  Joe’s head in his 12 year old “inspiration” mural. After the Freeh investigation concluded that Joe Paterno and Co. acted to cover up child abuse committed by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, Pilato decided to paint over the halo.

He probably should have painted over the whole painting because, as is, it’s probably not inspirational to anyone that isn’t into molesting kids. I suppose we get the message though.

For the Record: Religious people have  told me, more times than I’d like to admit, that I’m going to hell. And all I ever did was drink, take soft drugs and have premarital sex with girls that are of age. So, if they’re right, heaven has a pretty sticked guest list and Joe Pa ain’t up there. Maybe aiding and abetting a child molester doesn’t get you a trip to hell, but if Joe Paterno isn’t down there, it’s probably because there’s no such thing as hell.

As for Joe Pa apologists who think we, in the media, are pouring it on too much, why don’t you go oral Jerry Sandusky, see how bad that scars you for life, and then we can talk about what a good guy Paterno is for ensuring exactly that would happen to other kids. Stop defending him, you sound ridiculous.

 Stand with us and petition the NCAA to shut down Penn State football

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