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What is it about guys who play college football for the University of Miami? I get that Miami is the Mexico of the United States in that people work under the table jobs, Spanish is just as common as English, and everyone dresses like sh***, but what’s with the thug mentality down there? I mean you guys live by the beach and wear white pants year round. How hard can you really be? 85% of all boat shoes are sold in South Florida. The other 15% were probably bought by Ivy League frat boys.

Former Miami Hurricane and NFL practice squad player Glenn Sharpe was arrested on murder charges for the shooting death of a man named Christopher Galloway in the suburbs of Atlanta. Sharpe won a Super Bowl ring with New Orleans in 2010 as a member of the practice squad, but is probably most famous for committing a questionable pass interference against the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl that extended the game enough for the Buckeyes to upset the Hurricanes in a dramatic overtime game.

Here’s the play for those of you who don’t remember, and for those of you who are Miami grads who I just want to make watch this again:

Sorry about the epic trance music halfway through. Everyone on YouTube seems to think they’re some kind of artist.

According to DeKalb County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Adrion Bell, the shooting was on Febrary 2nd, and Sharpe is only now being charged after weeks of investigations that have led to his arrest.

For The Record: I don’t think all graduates of  “the U” are scheming scumbags, but I mean, anyone that chooses that school over the 100+ legitimate schools in the country is probably just there to learn how to create ponzi schemes and or break into he drug trade game. Just sayin’.

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