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Recently discarded Lakers center, Andrew Bynum is reportedly headed to Germany to get his broke a** knees looked at by the same doctors who have done magic on other athletes like Kobe, Arod, and Grant Hill. Bynum, who has reported no recent pain in his knees, was impressed by the way Kobe Bryant played last season after receiving similar treatments, and is looking at this as an opportunity to stay healthy for once.

Bynum has missed 120 games over the past 4 seasons, one of the major reasons the Orlando Magic refused to complete a one-to-one trade for Howard over the past couple of seasons.

For The Record: I am thoroughly convinced that this kid will be out of the NBA by the time he’s 30. If his knees don’t give out before his heart (passion), then I’m sure his attitude will eventually cost him a gig somewhere. When reporters asked him about possibly being traded recently he acted like he didn’t even care where he played. That’s the sound of someone who has no real passion for the game. Winners want to play for a winner, or want to play for their hometown to make them winners. This kid is all “Whatever just pay me and I’ll go wherever.”. It’s hard to root for a guy who doesn’t seem to appreciate where he is.

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