January 25, 2017

How to Enjoy a Football Game

Tips to Survive a Football Game for Those Who Dislike the Sport

Every weekend in the fall you can hear two very distinct sounds: screams and hollers from men watching football games and frustrated sighs from their female counterparts. Obviously there are also women who love football and men who couldn’t care less about sports and if you fit into this category then I commend you for standing out from the crowd.

Regardless of your gender, even if you don’t enjoy football there are plenty of ways you can attend the game without losing your mind, also remember some players haveĀ  wide width football cleats which can interesting if you are into that.

Concession stands are the most obvious distractions at football games. Grab a hot dog, popcorn, and even a beer and head back to your seat to munch on your treats. Offer to pick up food for your friends and not only will they love you but it will give you a reason to focus on something other than the game. Fair food is also usually plentiful at games: take your pick of cotton candy, funnel cakes, and sno cones.

Another great thing to do in arenas and stadiums is people watch. You are bound to find at least one or two mullets, drunken men with painted chests, pushy ticket scalpers, and crying kids wandering around the stadium grounds. Wait until the game ends and you’ll probably see crying adults wandering around as well. If it’s a big rivalry game you might even run across a good old-fashioned fight or wrestling match.

Like to shop? Stadiums usually have plenty of apparel and other vendors ready to sell you their latest wares. You will probably pay a premium price for anything you buy at a football stadium, but it’s a lot easier to convince your significant other to hand over a credit card or cash if they know it will keep you happy for the rest of the game.

Plus where else can you buy and wear foam fingers or silly hats without feeling like a complete outcast?

Don’t forget to watch the game every once in a while. Stand up and cheer when the mood strikes and clap when those around you are clapping. That way when your friends are discussing what happened for the rest of the day you can nod and smile like you know what they’re talking about and fit in with the group.

Who knows, you might even pick up a little knowledge of football and discover you actually enjoy the sport. No matter what if you eat like a fan, dress like a fan, and sound like a fan you are guaranteed to have a better time at the game.

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