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World Anti-Doping Agency President John Fahey announced today that 107 athletes from around the world have been banned from the 2012 London Summer Olympics for failing drug tests over the past 6 months leading up to the games. The testing, Fahey says, is the strictest it has ever been, and looks to be working as the first 300 tested in London have all passed with flying colors.

“Had that been their ambition, then I am pleased to say that they are not with us in London,” Fahey told the International Olympic Committee’s annual gathering.

With plans for around 5,000 more tests during the games, the IOC hopes to never be burned by tarnished medals and afterthought scandals that have plagued Olympic sports over the past decade. CoughMarionJonesCough.

Tests are now also held for 8 years in the event that researchers find new ways to test samples as athletes and their handlers are constantly finding new ways to mask illegal substances. I really hope everything is on the up’n’up with the Men’s basketball team, because LeBron’s rapid hair loss really has me concerned that he’s either injecting testosterone, or at least building nuclear devices in his spare time.

According to the New York Times, 5 samples from the 2004 games in Athens have recently raised concerns, but no formal cases have been filed yet.

For The Record: Are we still on the lookout for 9 year old Chinese gymnasts? I’m not sure why the Olympics would have minimum age requirements. If a 12 year old can physically conquer full grown adults at a “sport” than that sport is too easy, and should be considered for relegation to more of a “hobby” designation. I’d love to see a worldwide hobbies version of the Olympics. Could you imagine how bad the U.S. would dominate in Cornhole?

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